2018 is behind us all.   These memories of a radium journey I have retained.   2019 is already unfolding as an entirely new road to walk. 



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Picking many flowers - one day journey

This five week radium journey I have been forced to travel after a breast cancer diagnosis after 7 years of no problems,  has brought a new dimension to life in the beginning of this 2018 year.   I have endeavoured to relax while undergoing treatment and along the way have indeed had some wonderful and surprising daily experiences.  One day a short story was birthed after I travelled in my imagination on a kayak journey along a river. More to be written on this later. 

Taking a canoe ride down a river. The journey and the short story.


Bursting onto a shell covered beach - one day's beautiful journey.


A learning curve......a life protection treatment ......a journey and a time of revelation. Am I changed?    Every significant change in a pattern of 'normal' life can change us 'within' if we have Jesus Christ as our constant companion and His Spirit is with us in us and through us and His Inspiration is allowed to flow.   Praise God for it ALL!  The Valley - the struggles...the time when the  grumpy old lady emerged and had to be dealt with by His Grace. 


Because I have some difficulty getting my pictures in one place for this entry - I will simply detail a little of what the radium journey entailed and illustrate with pictures at a later time..

I prayed each day.   Before I left I tried to find the time for a brief morning devotional

time.   'connection' in my heart and spirit more important than time. I asked Him to lead and guide me to find a suitable picture and have inspiration so whirring machines overhead and lots of clinical stuff would be lost behind closed eyes and meditating on His Inspirations.    For me it was a wonderful journey because of this time of beauty and inspiration .......in the middle of it ALL.    (even the day I had a 'burnt' patch.....reflected on where I had once been sunburnt).   The beauty of where I had been in inspiration was greater far than the subsequent 'minor' extra cream treatment needed. 

Here listed are the Inspirations and I will put the pictures as a recall when I can assemble them All in one place.


1.           I will cross a river in a canoe.       (what happened?)....I lost the paddle and a whole story of trying to paddle by hand and overturning midriver.......the noise of the jet ski powering towards me......etc etc.     From this came a short story.    I have written only the outline so far but will complete).  I have promised two of the young technicians who looked after me that I will give them a copy of the illustrated story when it is finished.     Oh WOW!  Thank God.


2.      BEACH WALK.      

           I did not even get to the end to buy a milkshake before I was told........'Faye, treatment is finished'.




4.         A picture in a Home Beautiful Magazine......a room with a doorway of pebbled stones disappearing into the trees......."I can hear the surf, from my office' was written at the bottom of the page.    WHERE DOES THE PATHWAY GO?  

I found steps and counted 1-10 and was happily going onwards but again 'treatment was finished'

It took three days before I reached my final destination.

5.       Not just a beach but shells everwhere.    In my imagination incredibly beautiful. BEACH

6.        FAIRY GARDEN .........FOUNTAIN

           What a beautiful journey.



            What can you see?    The challenge and the surprise.  



               What happens if they each choose a different path?   Will they meet up again?

                   This was on the last day and there were four interested people wanting to know what I had discovered on my last treatment journey.       What a wonderful time of connection with these young folk and what wonderful memories to take with me.

Please God I left behind something of Your Beauty and Hope as well. 

I have eight pictures to follow here later        3rd March, 2018 



Divided Hedge - two ducks were in front of it.


I found the picture and then had full recall of a truly amazing day's journey.   This day I told one girl I would go the antarctic.    I had never been there and as the treatment and the inspirational journey continued I found my mind took me to Antarctic.   It was of course frozen and everwhere was a continuous field of solid white ice. 'Look for blue ice' was a gentle voice in my spirit.  Blue Ice......?? I had heard of black where vehicles slip and slide but blue??.     Suddenly, I saw ahead a fissue in the ice and was spiritually drawn to look inside.   What I saw was incredibly beautiful and was also very Hopeful in a spiritual sense.      Treatment finished and I told the technician.  I did a Google search and to my joy and amazement I found the blue ice image exactly as I had seen it in my spirit.     I checked out 'copyright' but was not able to find even where it was taken it was just 'out there' a picture of blue ice.     Thank God for inspiration. I may not have taken the image but during a time of trial I SAW this reflection.

This was what I saw before I ever found the picture. Hope and Encouragement

Upwards look when times are hard

This was not part of the journey but when I tried to find my picture of the seat with the canopy where I sat for one treatment this one came up by mistake.  What a truth thought....the step lead UPWARDS.   Such is the Christian Life journey..

Beach walk..............1st day of treatment I simply went for a walk (in my mind).

The Picture I found in a House and Garden Book...What will I see?

Stop and see what is around you.

In my imagination I sat down.   It was beautiful and very, very peaceful.   Then I heard a gently loving whisper.......'Be quiet!    Be still! '  I simply sat.   I don't remember praying or thinking.   All I brought out of this this day's treatment was a wonderful and supernatural feeling of 'well-being'.    I hope I shared this with everyone both in Genisis and on the journey home in the bus.   I couldn't voice anything.  I smiled a lot,  my memories were of absolute PEACE.       

Fairy Garden from Homes and Gardens Magazine. Walking through a maze and finding it.

Only a few shells on this beach walk. Sadly in truth I do not believe I would see any.

There is a fountain. A journey to find the lake and find the fountain. Praise God I sat for awhile and prayed.