If the same Spirit Who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in us then He will give LIFE to our mortal bodies through this same Spirit.

Romans 8:11

   May we live this life in the midst of all the strife and turmoil passionately and with the FIRE OF GOD deep within our spirits/souls and bodies. 


The 2019 Addition to the RESURRECTION PAGE.

A very simple image. Stone is rolled away.

A more stylised image.

A more cosmic sense of shifting of something


Resurrection.........More to come!

    I'm unsure why this Easter 2018 something is profoundly more graphic. Perhaps it is because of my own life journey and its valleys and hills.   During that time there was a lot of clarity on issues of faith in Christ.   His Presence was real and dininitely ALIVE and vital.

      I wrote in a Newsletter I prepare each month the Statement we are all familiar with. The Resurrection is a significant reminder that if we follow Christ the Promise is that we too will follow Him.

         This week contemplating the coming of Easter Remembrances something else became real. I was looking at the more stylised image of the resurrected Christ when a.........

                        BREATHLESS HUSH! fell on me and in my mind......'It is finished' became clear and real........yes, yes yes.......my heart responded......The Cross....SALVATION..it is finished. ...........no more need for human striving, no more need to be people who had to DO STUFF to make themselves right with God.        It is finished!  once and for all time.   ALL PEOPLE .....all who accept the Gift can be SAVED.    Their sinfulness is covered over by redemption's blood.   It is finished!

      LOVE has triumphed over evil.   Love for Him will be why we live, serve, and constantly repent......In the Light of His Divinity we are humbled.

                    Then, why this hush of expectancy.    

                      Salvation is complete...........BUT....Christ will leave.   Yet, God made a way for humankind to 'connect with Him'.   To have relationship...   To be with them ETERNALLY.    How?

                        Jesus must live eternally with us.      Why the breathless hush?........

The story cannot end with the resurrection or human kind would be back once again with a God up there somewhere and them...... down here.

                         God THE HOLY SPIRIT must come!

                          This is the breathless hush of waiting.  This is the powerful reality of Easter............... The story is only beginning for mankind. God the Holy Spirit the Divine Person......God of Spirit....must come.

                          Jesus prepared his beloved though they may not have understood and perhaps many today do not still understand the TRUTH.


           His job, ever, ever is to point to.......... JESUS CHRIST as SAVIOUR LORD

    but for all who choose, He will live inside believers as their constant companion, Shepherd Guide.   He God the Holy Spirit is the Christ in us.     The Christ through us. He eternally lives to point forever........(.until Christ returns as the King of Glory returned!) to the CROSS of Salvation for we all must be 'born again' into the KINGDOM  and this is GOD the HOLY SPIRIT'S Purpose in coming.    Without Him only law and man-made rules will be in place.   With God the Holy Spirit everything makes sense............Covenental past. Glorious Hope for the future and the Strength to live in this fallen and carnal world as people of God.      We are in the world but NOT OF THE WORLD.

               why?     Because the Breathless Hush of Resurrection remembrance reminds us ever...............We are Saved by GRACE...undeserved.    We must LIVE by Grace and only Christ in us.....God the Holy Spirit.....can make this possible.

                    Thoughts once...... now my intrinsic TRUTH.      Praise God! 








Uluru.......The great monolith heart of central Australia



Today, I woke up with the hymn line above resounding in my mind.   Then, suddenly it was the Rock of Central Australia I saw so clearly.

    It is Easter, the Resurrection rembrances are over and gradually we will return to a 'normal' routine.

     For a Child of God born again in the Spirit of God there can be no normal in 2018.   We need to keep our eyes and ears and hearts attuned to all people and everything around. 

     This is what was swamping my heart and mind.    GOD the Holy Spirit hovered over the not known world.......ie universe.......long before perhaps the first human put pen to paper......Long before even God SPOKE. 

        It really does not matter how OLD your culture is or how old your land, your mountains and your rocks.   What does matter is that God who is SPIRIT is also a GOD OF LOVE.    The only way to bridge the gap between the Divine..........God of Trinity.....

was to come down to earth.      It really is not important how many centuries a culture, a land or its people lived ...the CROSS......THE SALVATION PLAN....OF THE ALMIGHTY

could never be for just one 'people' group.    His Plan was to have RELATIONSHIP with ALL.    Thats why Christ is not - 'another religion'.    He is the FULFILLMENT of a far greater purpose and eternity Plan. 

                   HE LIVED, HE DIED, HE ROSE FROM DEATH.   Then he sent His Spirit to live eternally ON the Earth........on the Universe......on the Planet....in-side frail easily broken mortal people.     All ancient peoples, all ancient lands, tribes and tongues....ALL are part of this PLAN.    How careful we should be if we are white Christians that we never deny any human person their right to find the SAVIOUR and assure them of their cultural worth in God's Eyes but the brokenness at the CROSS is the only way to find ETERNAL DESTINY.     Never forget that the SAVIOUR was not white he was Jewish from the then and sometimes even now hounded and .most despised of peoples.

HOW BIG IS OUR GOD?     HE IS BIGGER THAN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.   HE was and is and FOREVER will be. Before the dawn of time.......SPIRIT.     Revealed as I AM.......ETERNAL and WILL FOREVER BE. 


Not sure where this picture came fro but I found it this morning 23rd April, 2018 in my Flowers File. Iit is called the Pentecost Orchid. Wow!


Do I believe in the Bible.......absolutely.   I believe we can study it until we are experts intellectually but when the Spirit becomes your Teacher suddenly so much comes truly ALIVE.     There is a scarlet thread running through the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation........This is the blood bought thread of REDEMPTION. 

a FURTHER comment 2019 resurrection. This was added  (April 23rd 2019).as we continue to see around the world ever rising unrest and strife.   Also in many places a lessening of true Salvation and Christ is the Way Passion and living and proclaiming.     He LIVES!