Explanation.        After the journeying as shared in previous document.....I had five weeks of recovery where it was suggested I took life one day at a time and 'rested'. It was a pleasant and generally a peaceful time.   Then.....

                     I returned to have the final OK.    For ongoing 'protection and care a range of tablets are there.   All may be have some side-effects.  Some folks have many and some none.   I had a bone scan so any side effects which could cause bone fractures were assessed.     I was confident of my attitude and hopeful of ongoing life without too much intereference with side effects. Only a few days after starting one night the depression which hit me was worse than anything I have ever encountered in my life although I am a person of sensitivity to human suffering.   I had a couple of hours where it was like a pit of hopeless 'misery'.    I knew irrespective of whether or not it was the tablets.......I wanted to make a correct choice/decision.  This then is the outcome.

        I believe God answered my Prayer. 

                                   The Decision 

   I have carefully assessed the situation in my life.   I have the chance of  returning  Breast Cancer in the next few years.  This chance is assessed as ‘low’ but in the case of all cancer there is no absolute certainty about anything…….it can also come anywhere.

     Many safeguards are in place in life.   I am extremely grateful for everyone who has, and continues to monotor this.   

     I have had a full hysterectomy.   This means no ovaries to still charge and produce excess hormones. I have had a third breast operation  and five weeks of mop-up radiation.    One underarm nodule of ‘risk’ was removed and came back ‘negative’   .  I am thankful and very, very grateful. I also have in place regular ultra-sounds and check ups etc.   I have folks to check my eyes, my ears, my skin, my teeth, A  hairdresser and team  to give me a six weekly maintenance of hair and face. 

       I am seventy-five years of age and  also have a heart-monitor which settles any irregular heart-beats.  I feel protected, cosseted and on the home front as well LOVED. 

        I have therefore made a decision. The ongoing suggested tablets of Oestrogen Suppressants.  I know they are valuable, worthwhile with positive outcomes for breast cancer outcomes. There are many and I know many different options.  I started Arimidex (anastrozole)…..After taking only a few I had one dreadful night (Maybe not the tablets….but maybe just maybe it was………).    This, then caused me to think.

Even, if there are no side effects or very minor ones.  Even if the right protection is found, do I really want the added commitment and pressure of this daily tablet taking. (I already take calcium for bone strength support but have always been very grateful not to take anything else)…..It is helpful when health issues arise ie virus or similar.   At least everyone knows it is not a side effect of pills.


                I settled on this question, prayed , and believe last night I absolutely knew that my answer must be::




Quality of life is more important to me at this stage of life even if only minor, are the side effects  caused by anything that is not necessary to maintaining that life.   Weighing up the risks, the protections,  against this scenario of Quality of Life…..Prayerfully and absolutely….I must say NO to anything that would disrupt this flow.




         I have MADE A DECISION, I take responsibility for future outcomes.                                         




Not sure in picture above who, or what and who, is resting beside the horse but the picture was about PEACE.....Peace with all your surroundings.