A vivid Dream about Grapes - A question and gentle revelations


A Passionate Dream of Grapes.

  The dream where I was gazing at a huge bunch of grapes both surprised and deeply stirred my heart/spirit.   I remembered the image clearly when I started the new day.  

     It was Anzac Day 2018 and everywhere there was the usual rising of proud Auzzie passions as remembrances of ‘lost’ loved ones in wars were rightly honoured.  

     Throughout the day, the passionate fire of patriotism once more burned on Australia’s Nationhood but…….. 

       Little if any obvious fire and passion was directed to honour the God who brought strength and comfort to millions of soldiers.   ‘For God, King and Country’ was the cry that resonated as young men sailed away in 1914.   For God and the defence of “liberty” was the cry when they left in 1939 and in later wars, millions again – many who were conscripted, still went forth with the Hope in them,  that was higher than the battlefields. 

      All gatherings this year where God was not acknowledged in remembrance Services, as part of the soldiers’ lives and courage, struck me as clearly denying these soldiers their rightful heritage and us as a Nation our rightful and truthful Nationhood.        


                            More to be added .....why the grapes? reality swamped me. 

  1st May, 2018  I did indeed do a very complex study on Grapes - their place in a Biblical scenario.   Some of my findings both illuminated but SHOCKED me.   There is power and revelation in this Grapes Journey and I would encourage anyone who reads this site to journey prayerfully and find some answers for yourself.

Grapes of wrath....Rev.14.   which follows so many warnings throughout the Word....I do not feel I can adequately illuminate my own revelations here.  Perhaps it is a journey for individuals themselves to go on and find their place of Truth illuminated only by the Spirit of Truth and not by imagination or human interpretation. 

Gen49:11  Foretold of Judah

Deut: 32:32 not from the Rock....wrong vine polluted grapes

Isa: 5:2 a Parable ,,,,Well tended soil and wonderful vine....why grapes sour...The Prophets reflection of God's Cry. 

Ezek:18:2..God's Voice and proclamation that 'sour' grapes parable should no longer be applied to Israel.

Matt.7:16.....Warning. I will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes or thistles.   (Think.......I am the VINE)......

I am unsure why my heart and spirit was saddened by Anzac Day this year and the Grapes Dream has both inspired and ignited me.   

     I pray if anyone else goes on the journey that you may also gain fresh revelation at how incredible and 'together' is the Bible in one clearly defined scarlet REDEMPTION thread for the world as we know it. 

Peace! Love! 

No grapes but pause a moment and think of the shed blood of millions and Christ remembered in wine...squashed grapes made into wine.