Because of Him........This has been my inner Passion.

It began in my heart many years ago.

This is Beyond the Ashes my first novel.   It is a story.  I am a story teller not a novelist.   It is simply told, a story of a journey where forgiveness is both a Gift from God but how unforgiveness can almost destory a life.   It is a story of love and faith.  Only one person prays.    This was hanging around in lots of files and ideas and unfinished for several years until after attending a writer's workshop. The Editor of Australia's Upper Room believed he could arrange for it to be published.  Sadly this dear man died with the manuscript beside his hospital bed in the hospital.   It was taken by the solicitors and two years later, unexpectedly it came back to me in a security box in the mail. 

My husband felt strongly it was to be published and we had a little money, enough for me to get advice and Beyond the Ashes is the result. it is available in e-books, paperback and Hardcover.   Details and maybe even a bookshop facility on this site at a later date.   This website is not about books or me or my life.   This website is ABOUT THE LORD.   He is the Reason for It ALL.  

As long as this book is enjoyed I feel  my life with Him in Inspiration has been expressed. 


The opening to write morning devotionals was encouraged by Upper Room and for several years I had many published.   They gave permission for a collection of these to be put in book format as copyright belonged to me.   The pictures to complement writings are also mine and I thank God for the way the hardcover books have been published.  My heart is that wherever these books may be found they will bring Hope and Encouragement.

Books are found as e-books but the books are best used in places of sorrow or need. 

OUR GOD LIVES!   In my heart and in my life....a-men


Peace is difficult to find in our world.  This image touched my heart and spirit.   The picture was taken by me when everyone else had their cameras focussed on the great buildings or other stuff acround.  I believe God spoke.  'Be Still and Know that I am God.'

      The Peace book has true stories about the Peace which come from God.   A God Gift. The book is in e-books, paperbacks, hardcovers and in many bookshope but personally I see it as a 'ministry' resource to simply touch the heart of folks who are sad, grieving or stressed.  It looks stunning on a table and has an anointing even if simply looked at. All the sharing and photos within are mine and the meditations has previously been published in Upper Room. 


The story I never believed I could ever write.   Not considering myself to be a historian the history of the town Gympie (we live in the hinterland) fascinated me and questions began to surface like what if?   Inspiration when it began was astonishing ......a very early gold rush.......a town of such mixtures including many Christians who poured in with all the miners, gold seekers, money and wealth grabbers also pubs, brothels and violence. ...what if?  Thus began the story of Tom (an evangelist) and Nika the small daughter of a rollicking Irish miner and his Aboriginal wife Mara.   Marrangaroo means 'little blue flowers' and 'Limga' is an aboriginal word for rock.   The two merge during the story as Marranga-Limga becomes symbolic for a 'better tomorrow' and therefore in 1880 begins the story which begins in effect a Legacy which will span generations.   This book is an e-book, paper back and hardcover and can be borrowed from a few libraries.

Thank God for His Inspiration but also for the passion for these people (fiction family in a truly historic) story.  They live with me forever. 


The Mary River flowing still - such history.

The sequel was inspired and took me where i did not want to go.  Again a fiction family in a truly historic story. The beautiful Mary River is the cover and the figures in sky are symbolic of the two generations of the Daniels Family that sailed away to overseas conflicts.   It is a story of family, love, faith, courage, grief and Hope for a better tomorrow.   This book still has it own website with embedded video. 

In research I uncovered some information only revealed after fifty years of 'war secrets blocked files'.  The collapse of the air-raid shelter in London hit me with the impact of 'reality'. 

Available in e-books, paperbacks and hardcovers.   Will always remain for me as people forever in my hearts.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I'm a great place for you to tell your story and let your visitors know a little more about you.
I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I'm a great place for you to tell your story and let your visitors know a little more about you.