A 13year-old Grand-daughter Surprises

Wanting for the next generation only the BEST in GOD.His WILL.

       As grandparents Amara's invitation to be part of the Australian Team to compete in the 2018 UGA World Stars of Junior Gold in Las Vegas from 15th-29th July 2018 and the West Coast AAU Junior Olympie Games Golf Championships in Temecula Southern California from 23rd to 27th July, 2018  has been a huge surprise.  Of course as grandparents we are pleased and proud. Not being golfers ourselves this has always been beyond our real understanding but the bottom line for the future for both David and myself is that we want for the next generation and the generation after that...the Will of God in ALL THINGS.   Therefore in this exciting event we can only go on prayerfully asking of Him that she will be provided for in her needs and covered by Him in all Protection and Grace as she proceeds forward. 

On a podium in Regional Day Success.

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Athletics achievement 2018 February was also very 'well done' and deserved congratulations but I posted the incorrect photo this time.   

 I am trying to add something here but not sure if it is in right format.   The Invitation Amara received and the link her father has set up to 'go Fund Me'.   We as grandparents are in our own difficult place at present financially so cannot help but surely we support and pray provisions will come. .


Our Son-in-law wrote:




I would love it if you took a moment to check out Amara's GoFundMe campaign.



Your support would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much!

- Mark Burns




This photo from end of last year was the one I intended.  This looks like GOLF. Amara looks concentrated yet relaxed. 

There is no video clip yet

This is the photo I intended above. Concentration and Relaxed. GOLF.