Finding TRUTH takes Godly Wisdom.

Every day the airwaves in 2018 reverberate with information.  Much is exaggerated.  Much is untrue.   Navigating to find TRUTH is difficult. 

Visually interesting but confusing

A three point perspective contributed by husband David. Where is reality?

The FIRST evening news broadcast had .....TRAGIC LOSS  as its lead story.  It went on to detail the mourning of a community whose football Captain had resigned that afternoon.   "We are all mourning' said one spokesperson. "We really had high hopes of winning the trophy this year.  Now we will have no hope"

The SECOND evening news led with the story. TARGETED What followed was a graphic account of fifty-nine people dead including six children and a three day old baby.   Israel targets civilians on Gaza Strip was the theme. 

The THIRD news station had as a  headline ISRAEL MOURNS THE TRAGIC DEATHS OF CIVILIANS.    The story told of another attack on the border where men. women with babies in arms,  and little children rampaged across the Gaza strip hurling molotov cocktails, rocks, and sharp objects.   Flaming missiles set fires all along the Israel border.   Sadly, a baby died from the inhalation of tear gas and it has also been reported some small children died when explosive devices attached to their bodies exploded.  There is much grieving tonight all along the Gaza Strip.

At the same time there was a trolling news feed dashing across the bottom of the TV screen.   It said......CHILDREN DEAD ON THE GAZA STRIP.   IT'S ALL DONALD TRUMPH'S FAULT.!!!!!! This news courtest of C.N.N. 


HEAVEN'S PERSPECTIVE......Divine Love for All....His Children.  Heartache and sorrow 

BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE......Reading Ezekiel 38 and 39 and being refreshed by Revelations 22.

Time for God the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Truth to point all eyes once again to  Christ as Saviour Lord and the reminder that His shed blood redeems all who will accept HIM.     One day TRUTH will triumph and all lies will be revealed.  For now we must walk on with Love for the Lord.   Follow Him.   By our lives and our words and actions express love to ALL in the midst of all strange perspectives and scrambled thoughts.    One day there is the certainty.   HIS KINGDOM WILL COME.