A Pilgrim's plea

The river looked real but was it?




One Pilgrim’s journey to find the Way to HOPE


Last night I had a very clear dream. It was like watching a movie and seeing a person – a young man – walking along a path.   The beginning was black with heart-ache tragedy and many trials.   The first image of this person and he is dirty, bruised, and blocked from moving freely by all sorts of obstacles even tentacles and vines grabbing at his legs. He is alone, directionless and wandering through sand and shale.


It is quite a distressing site but slowly one torturous step at a time he continues walking forward.    Suddenly he sees before him a river.   Not very wide the water was freely running and clean and pure.    ‘Perhaps if I walk into that river I can wash all the dirt from me and when I get up again, I will be clean and made whole’.   Another thought came ‘Perhaps I will be clean then on the ‘outside’ but how can I be clean on the inside?  Is there any way my bad life choices, and all my bad decisions could be ‘washed’ away?’ 


‘What about sorrows, losses and pain?’


Questions still surfaced.  


He thought he heard a gentle voice say……Go into the river….keep walking!


He walked into the river. 


Gradually all the grime from the road, the dust and the ‘outward’ filth of a fallen society were gently cleansed from his body. He felt clean and refreshed but his heart was heavy. Memories of loss and failure still pierced his soul.


    He wanted to return to the land but knew he had to keep walking. Through the water he surged, each step becoming stronger until he saw before him the outline of something on the riverbank ahead.   He reached out his arms not understanding why.

Then, then his hand encountered something hard rough and very real.  It was an old rugged cross and his hands wrapped around it as if his very life depended upon his grip holding fast. 


Rugged old but he clung to it tightly.

  He clung desperately to this old battered wooden symbol of something long past.  He had no understanding until the Voice again spoke.   Will you accept ME....I AM Christ....I love you.....I am Saviour and Lord.   Wiil you accept Me?

 'Yes!' he responded, his lips trembling , his eyes unexpectedly awash with tears.

He continued to cling to the Cross.    'My Blood washes whiter than snow' the voice continued.

Suddenly the man knew a change was happening....... The Cross became a vibrant image of sacrifice and blood flowed freely. He became a part of a different river's flow.   This flow penetrated into the marrow of his being.      It touched even the places in his life and heart that no one in the realm of Earth could ever know existed. Every issue of rejection, cruelty, loss and sorrow was washed away.  

He dropped to his knees, lifted his hands and focussed towards the sky.   

In an incredible moment of absolute certainty he knew the power of DIVINE LOVE.

     Love surged through the man as he rose to his feet, hands outreaching and said, 'Thank You, Saviour Lord.      

      I feel free.  Incredibly free!

     'I love You, I love You' I want to KNOW you better.  I want to love You more.'



A sound ...rushing wind and the Spirit of God came like fire from Heaven

His prayer was heard.    

The Saviour knew because of the man's love and his total yieldedness to Him, he would need all the Strength and Guidance to carry his life onward until eternity.   From heaven poured out a new warmth and the Holy Spirit baptised him with a purging fire, and tongues (like flames) poured from the top of his head to the souls of His feet.   It was like a river of warmth and the man knew, absolutly knew he was no longer born of an earthly woman but 'born again' of the Spirit of God and now belonged to a 'different' place and a 'different' Kingdom.   His one desire was to follow the Saviour through life and live according to His Will and for His Purpose.

           He fell on his face and worshipped. 

            After a long time he finally rose to his feet and was amazed by what he saw on the roadside beside the road forward. 

              'These are the fruits that will be part of your life.    These fruits of my spirit are freely given so you can LIVE......the life you must live so others will want to know ME...The ONE who gives these fruits. 

                      The fruits were clearly there for him to see but He knew, He knew that they were to be the internal ones in his life but must be visible to ALL. 

On a tree but all now to be a part of his life.

      It was not yet finished.  The man could see the road-way ahead but first along the way he saw strange images. 

        'Gifts of my Holy Spirit' said the Voice.  'Gifts according to my Will and directing.  A language will be given to you so you can worship Me with the tongues of this World.   In my Will and timing you will also speak to people in their own language.   Such is the Will of the Almighty.'

With joy he realized he was suddenly singing a song of worship and praise that was flowing from this new dimension of his life and not of his mind's understanding.   Everything was fuelled by LOVE.   Overwhelming LOVE that washed away all fear or uncertainty. 


Again he saw boxed gifts but KNEW somehow it was spiritually discerned

Purpose in life Ministry Gifts

The man could see the roadway ahead more clearly now.   He KNEW this new life highway would be very different.   He now had purpose, he was forgiven, He knew God will give him the necessary understanding in ALL things and He would not be without direction.

The road would have valleys as well as hills and would never be certain of being 'trouble and heartache' free but now, now he knew a joyful certainty.

   On this Highway of Life he now did not travel ALONE.    God travelled with HIM.     Through the Spirit Christ now lived WITHIN and would forever.



  This, in this Pilgrim's Life was the glorious wonder of 


REDEMPTION ...... New Life .....New Hope!

Highway of Life to Eternity