God's answer is uncompromising,





This is not able to be achieved in our own strength but only in HIS.     Jesus Christ said:




         'You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and spirit and your neighbour as yourself.' 



    This He said knowing His sacrificial death would bring in the NEW COVENANT bought through His Suffering on behalf of all people.


      His commandment was to include everyone.......indeed even our enemies.

He later clarified this. 


         When we are surrounded by deceptions and societal changes which challenge the very fabric of our society, this message is very important.

The Church was never supposed to 'change' with the surrounding society but to be the instrument for CHANGE.   We are free to hate false ideologies, lifestyles that deny natural creativity and family structure and political correctness that often seems like Academic insanity.   When false gods are everywhere.  sport, culture, pursuit of happiness, achievements at all  cost, and then personal gratification at the expense of anyone else.   Madness in redefining language and rapid attempts to change even scripture to 'bend' and be more acceptable to the society around. It is in this climate that DIVINE LOVE in an through us is most important.

          We can hate the 'stuff' all the 'stuff'not conforming to the WORD but in an through it ALL .......We are called in these days to LOVE THE PEOPLE- In His Name and because of His Sacrifice for the WHOLE WORLD. 


The more chaos - the more the simple TRUTH's of God's Plan and Purpose is seen

He came as PEACE in turmoil, as HEALING for Brokenness and Salvation for all lost souls

Jesus said, recorded in John's Gospel John 14:27  My peace I leave with you, My Peace I give unto you, not as this world gives you, do I give you.  Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid.    


This verse comes immediately after the Promise of the coming of the Holy Spirit in v.26.

His Holy Spirit being left in this fallen and gradually imploding world, means that for all who have accepted Jesus, follow Him and have accepted by faith His LIFE in His Holy Spirit living within us , our on- going journey must be one of LOVE and prayer for a 'better' future for all humankind found only at the Cross of Calvary.  

Peace, I leave with you.....My Peace I give unto you.

Be Still and Know that I am God