All of life is ever learning.

Switching off the Auto-pilot - landing safely on my own.


     With gratitude of heart, I thank my Lord for His Strength and Grace which has carried me through the first six months of 2018.


      Natural aging is one problem we all will face as we rejoice in longer lives than many others have known.   Yet, when ‘unexpected’ glitches occur, like operations, radium, walking difficulties etc etc… we need ‘recovery’ time and this can be limiting but also ‘refreshing’ if you find enjoyment in quieter pursuits like, reading, handcrafts, painting etc etc.


      However, if you realize you are living life as if you are on autopilot, a change may be necessary.    You may be doing all the functioning things but not returning to responsibility or ‘effort’ in extras.


     Today, 11th June 2018 this was a revelation to me.   I was still operating on autopilot and the days were God blessed.   I wondered what would happen if  ‘spiritually’ I decided to actually disconnect from the life mode I had drifted into.


      To other folks this may sound peculiar, but this is what happened to me today.


     Once a month, I enter details in a simple Cashbook which is balanced against Bank Statements.   This is my responsibility for a small Fellowship in my town.


     In recent months, I’ve just ‘done’ it and have been grateful to the Lord for His enabling to simply get it done!!.


     When I became aware of operating today in this odd …just get it done ….frame of mind, I prayerfully acted as if I was switching the autopilot off.


     The change in me was minor but the day had now new vibrancy.


      I took a red pen and carefully ruled up neatly. and precisely all the columns – page by page for the past six months.


     A great feeling like a waterfall of Healing Refreshment came.   No one else will ever see the neat, precise ‘in order’ cashbook.


     Maybe now that the autopilot is off all the little extras – too much trouble or effort in past few months – will return to life in FULL FLOWERING.


      Faith, and need for the Lord will ever be in my daily prayer but as His Child, I’m sensing this new strength and ability returning to not just ‘doing’ what is necessary but truly ‘caring’ about the ‘extra’ little touches that improve LIFE.


     He’s still flying my plane but I’m taking my place back in my seat and caring about the Purpose and ‘extras’ on this life journey.


     I give Thanks for this revelation which to me brings GRATITUDE anew for Healing and return to normal.


                    THANK YOU LORD!


     Thank you to all who have supported and cared.






Somehow standing with confidence on a gentle hill.

Beauty and 'freedom' in Abundant Christ Life!