Life's Unexpected CHANGES

This is Charlee a much-loved little 'house' dog not yet two year's old.   She came to stay in the country with us while the family were away.   During that time the little DOG came out from the white cuddly coat of her typical maltest/cross breed and an energetic rural personality emerged. 

Freedom of the desolate road.

She needed to be carefully watched but when she was focussed on the car waiting with David she came to LOVE running freely with the wind in her hair along the lonely forest road.

A Decision.

The best was wanted for this little dog and family discussions ensued.  It was decided that she would have 'at home' company more than in the busy, busy home of our grandchildren, and although we are elderley, could give her a freedom and several walks a day.    She came back home with us.


            She has changed our lives for the better as LOVING and caring for her enriches each day. 

              The decison was considered prayerfully and we believe this was and is God's Answer for the well-being of us ALL. 

A family decision was made.

Passport photo - Officially Registered at our local Vet.Spayed yesterday, Frail today but the BEST we pray is still to be.

New passport photo after op, and clipping of some facial hair. Sweet face shows