ever widening

Narrow is the gate which leads to eternity.............




     Between two Kingdoms – one where our God rules with ABSOLUTE HOLINESS and pure perfect LIGHT – and the Kingdom of darkness – the carnal world where violence, hatred and hopelessness are the law – is a chasm and this gap is ever widening.   In 2018 the difference between ABSOLUTE HOLINESS and the evil in the visible world is very wide indeed.

     The Saviour who came as a sinless human to bridge this gap gave His Life as the Covenantal sacrifice.  Between the Light, and encroaching darkness, the CROSS is clearly the WAY to eternity and the LIGHT.

      On the edge of the chasm a huge ‘buffer’ between evil and The Light has been for 2,000+ years THE CHURCH.   God’s People sadly, not always flowing as one but pushing back the darkness. (each section or denomination pushing back their own little bit)….   Darkness was kept at bay (the church was a sanctuary of safety).

    Sadly in 2018 – acceptance and worldly thinking, academic thought, and politically driven ‘correctness’ – not aligned with the WORD, and not listening to the Voice of the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of TRUTH), IS seeing this “buffer” crumbling.

     Shepherds who are not aspiring to holiness themselves or are trying to get it by some other way through programs, courses or more ‘academic study’, are pointing their flocks…. (they are like barges at the edge of the chasm) in many directions (programs, works, compassion, good deeds etc etc. -.   They are not clearly pointing to what was achieved at Calvary. Not pointing to the Cross of Salvation but blurring the image by all the ‘need to dos’.  No longer a clearly defined emphasis on the Cross and the blood of Christ shed for ALL . God’s people were meant to be  Identified by the blood covering in an ungodly world.

    Only following the Shepherd, led by the Spirit and His Truth revealed in the Word, leads safely to the Cross.

God is saying:.

Pick up your personal cross and FOLLOW CHRIST.  Any further help you need ie help programs etc etc….flow with and accept with gratitude, but fling your life and your circumstances FIRST on the pathway to ‘eternity’ found only in ME.’

   The Church’s role has always been ‘all believers’ to accept and serve Him- but more than the programs (which even the world system….. in absolute darkness offers in abundance), the Church’s service to Christ MUST always be CROSS focussed first and not just program orientated.).

        What the people in darkness need more than help with ‘Life on this Earth’ is the clear salvation message for eternity.   They need a SAVIOUR.    (All……refugees, drug dealers, broken, maimed, grieving,

Politicians, Royalty, peasants.  ALL.  Colours, tribes and tongues).  IT IS TIME!

     The chasm is widening and a steady ever diminishing stream of souls is flowing towards eternity. (In the direction of the CROSS).   This is the BRIDE.  It is written in the WORD that the prepared bride for the coming Bridegroom must be consecrated, pure and HOLY.

      Jesus Himself said: Luke18:8:   Shall God not avenge His own against injustice? Nevertheless, when the Son of Man returns will He really find much faith on the Earth.?

    There are other scriptures that have been coming to my mind as I penned this…Matthew 7:13 Enter by the narrow gate for wide is the gate which leads to destruction and many will go by it.  Narrow is the Way which leads to LIFE and few will find it.

I have always carried in my heart since a small child the Hope in Christ of a great revival which will bring the nations and the whole world to God.  

      Now that I see (a dream and vision) so clearly that the Buffer between light and darkness as the church has always been, is

c r u m b l I n g      (embracing the world, compromising with the politics and trends of the day) I am pondering the Biblical Truth that God throughout Bible History has always fulfilled His Purposes with a

                                        R E M N A N T. 

My prayerful consideration today then is.   Is the King going to return for His Bride and will it be only a remnant because so many have lost the first Commandment….LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD………Above and beyond all other things?

           Those who make a choice to live their lives simply for self interest ie carnally, and all about I, these can even say there is NO GOD.  

            They need to be pointed to the Saviour.

             What will happen if the Ones called by His Name in all the various little pockets of faith allow more and more of the buffer zone to be infringed by darkness.    When that happens only in unity focussed on the CROSS , carrying our own crosses will anyone be able to stand.    He will RETURN.   He will return for a pure and Holy Bride.

                         Maybe all we can DO ………. Connected to Him in Spirit and Word is:


And as we do may we keep praying for our own lives that in all circumstances, we will accept the Gift of Grace so freely given at the Cross and ever point others to the Passion and Sacrifice of the Cross and remember that there alone…….the battle against good and evil was fought and won.  IT IS FINISHED!     Now all must follow the Saviour to eternity through the narrow way of the Cross.

I tried to draw what I saw.  If I put it on the Website I know it is very scrappy.   Also the Holy Spirit must be poured out and show clearly that only the Cross can make His coming possible.  






Such an imperfect and messy example of what I kind of saw visually. I am not an artist. All the little boxes next to the cross are little churches with crosses. Where are the people being pointed? to the CROSS or to help works etc.?