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  Today on 10th march, 2019, I have come to the realization that the extraordinary journey of my spiritual life from the time of the 2001 terrorist attack in New York until the present represents a picture of the world I have not really been able to share very often.(I longed for understanding and comprehension of this BIG PICTURE.  Many prophetic voices some with their own 'ministries' but mine was a private but profound visionary experience of God. 

   Somehow in 2019 there is the beginning of the completion of this visionary story and I thank Him that I have lived to see it.  22nd February 2019 Bindoon Western Australia.   The back wall peeled open like a can opener and what I saw as a Vision fitted exactly what I had sensed and my heart has yearned for, for EIGHTEEN YEARS.

Please, if you would like to journey, know the entries and comments were from my journal pages and prayer times. It is now 16th March and I made the decision to move this document to the front of the website.In my heart it is important as the world continues to shake and violence erupts in many ways. 

This is a forest image but the forest in the vision was denser and the trees larger.

THE FOREST (a 21st century vision)

Tribulation by WIND, FIRE, WATER, DISEASE, FAMINE, THE SWORD, world HEARTACHE, violence in unexpected places, shock. Disbelief.!!! 


28th December, 2014 – In a very non-spiritual place after a major operation where I know recovery will be slow. I KNEW God’s Presence was with me but my abilities to express or ‘feel’ seemed to be totally supressed. A clear thought came.

2015 ‘The Shaking will continue.’ (personally, I was shocked. Thoughts of the approaching New Year were not in my radar of coping.) ‘You will be fully restored physically through the passage of normal healing time’.(My Hope and Prayer).

                                                              Thank YOU Lord.

Then I sensed:

Return NOW to August 3, 2001 and what you have written. Look again at the forest. See how it is unfolding.

Do not be afraid! Journey back and SEE the emerging BIG PICTURE.

       A canvas now of where I have led you personally. Look at it ALL from the perspective of your own personal revelations. I AM WITH YOU!

        From Prayer Journal. Friday August 3, 2001.

          Beautiful day, slight breeze. Thank You Lord for this Peace and Your Presence. (Three other Committee Members from Aglow were also praying at this time…..It was our Aglow Prayer Meeting time. Family circumstances had stopped us meeting together).

The shifting from the natural to what became a powerful Vision was dramatic and sudden.

The sky seemed to peel away. Oh God I can see something. I am travelling. There is a forest, a dark forest, cool and very dark. Little light, huge trees……death on forest floor because of the lack of light to plants and saplings and all the undergrowth.

     I stop.

            In front of me I see a giant tree, huge trunk, huge arms, enormous, embracing all around but the beautiful entwined limbs are sapping the life from others. There is a shaking as if from the bowels of the earth. The roar of sound from the sky Oh God is it lightening? Three flashes. Two close one farther away. OH God the big tree is hit. It is starting to fall. It has been hit twice. It’s falling. It’s crashing into the next tree and both have now crashed to the ground.

        The shaking and the crashing vibrate everywhere. Oh God the pain, the suffering, the heartache and the dying. It’s as if the whole world now grieves. Even the Spirit of God is grieving but I see Jane Hansen’s face. She is weeping.

(I KNOW something is going to happen in America with ripple effects around the world). I was crying

        I really did not want to see or write anymore but I continued to journal especially when I heard “This is the beginning of world tribulations”. All that has been sown will be reaped.

    Oh God NO! NO! NO! Other trees now start to shake and one by one begin to fall. Oh God how many more will fall? Who? How many will die? So much suffering. So much lost. I can’t bear the pain.

                I stand now in a clearing. Huge trees have gone. Above is open sky. Presence of God is EVERYWHERE. Tangible and REAL. The Spirit of God is ministering to all the broken. Many are standing in the ruins of fallen trees yet they Worship God.

Look……look now around – all the stunted and broken are being nurtured and watered by the Spirit. They have room to move. Room to grow. They have potential to grow. Glorifying God. The least likely, the rejected, the poor the outcast suddenly with space to produce verdant shoots.

      Are these remnant people? What does this mean? Oh Father the pain in this, today has been overwhelming. Help me not to be afraid….. to be prayerful – hold it in my heart…..You alone are My Strength. Amen.

        I came inside. The phone was ringing…… Aglow Secretary Liz Johnson was in tears – ‘Faye what is going to happen? Did you hear a mighty CRASH? In prayer, she heard a mighty crashing sound and the violence of great sorrow and need. How the mighty have fallen. The two others had disturbed prayer times Vice-President Jean had a knowing we had to pray for Jane Hansen and said to me.’This is only the beginning'.

             (How much I miss Jean today still.  She understood and prayerfully undergirded me always.)

        I prayed on phone with the others and later contacted Rev. Joan Morton (She was understanding. Kind and prayerful, but unsure about everything I shared with her) She was somehow comfortable with the thought of future, but the violence of the immediate and in America, was hard to assimilate. I believe she did speak with Jane Hansen later in the day.


2001 11th September. (9/11)

When this day of terrorism erupted on the world, personally the sounds, the graphic horror of it all were like an ‘in the face’ scenario in front of me. Towers, planes, sorrow and dying and the awful crashing sounds of towers falling. Crying and heartache. All I was able to do in the days following was pray. Scared and a little ‘overwhelmed’ I left the full forest story filed in my journal. (The beauty of the clearing remained through the years, as HOPE in my heart.)


Australia receives their first ‘wakeup’ to terrorism call. Bali Night Club Bombing. Sorrow and crying.


U.S. –LED Forces invade Iraq. Saddam Hussein tried and hanged in this year. So much grief and uncertainty in the world. The Church still appears to be going on ‘doing’ its same and continuing cycle of churchiness.

2004 Boxing Day. Massive Tsunami –

More than 200,000 deaths. Most nations on earth were affected in some way by this disaster. (10 years later 2014 a man from Indonesia said to a media journalist. ‘One incredible thing about remembering this event. Once upon a time we spent our lives fighting each other. For ten years we have not fought each other but learnt to care and love’). The horror of this Boxing Day event – Children be-headed by debris, babies swept away. Despair and human misery ***

*** (Personally),

I was in church on the Sunday following the news. Dave was mowing outside and for a period I was alone inside. I was in absolute despair. I prayed. ‘I can’t equate this incredible sorrow and loss with the Divine Love of an almighty God. ‘ ‘Where are YOU? Where were You for all these innocent people ? Many who were praying for deliverance yet were swept into the ocean? ‘ I was vulnerable, but totally honest. What followed will remain forever as one of the most graphic, exhausting and Revelatory experiences of my Christian journey. (I’m thankful it happened in church and grateful that David was there to bring me home).

BOXING DAY TSUNAMI VISION. I heard the words ‘Follow ME’ and I found myself as if I had been transported into the heart of the tsunami wave. It was terrifying. I felt the mud on my skin, heard the roaring water. For a period of time the horror of bodies, death, dying and helplessness was with me. Bodies of dead and dismembered children and the reality of ‘feeling’ I was physically there – in the midst of all the carnage. ‘O God’ I cried if you leave me here, I will surely die.’ I felt as if dying was inevitable. I knew my breathing was erratic and the fullness of the graphic experience was swamping. I dropped to the floor.



I looked up and the cross on the stained glass window at the back of the church ‘vibrated’. It was as if it was ALIVE. Streams of golden light poured through the window and the back wall was changed by a golden hue. I clearly heard the words:





                                        BECAUSE I AM. BECAUSE I AM.



             The whole church was bathed in  this golden light and PEACE like a great wave washed over me.

I remember nothing more except I know I prayed ‘Lord if I am to die now, I am truly content.’

David found me on the floor about an hour later. Obviously, no one else came in. I came home with him, but it was two days before I could even …….in a very limited way, share with him what happened in that little country church that day.

My reality. My Truth. What I carry with me through life.

              Often longed to share and encourage others but even within my church family at that time (It was almost too Holy to be shared, or even understood).

Like much it became  part of the fabric of my prayer journalling. And, my life.


London reeled from terrorist bombings in their underground rail systems. Like all things…temporary shock around the world and very quickly (particularly among Christian believers a slipping back to the secure, comfortable and churchiness focuses). For the dead and injured life changed forever and for some survivors, life struggles to truly find sprigs and shoots of Hope and New Life in damaged lifestyles led them to God places and drastic spiritual changes.

2006, 2007, 2008 .

    Spiritually these were personally quiet years. I journalled nothing outside the recording of great blessings etc from Aglow Conferences and God’s Presence in and through many of life’s experiences. Deaths of family and friends impacted and changed ordinary life forever.

Constant news from Ethopia, Somalia, Nigeria indicated cauldron pots of ‘unrest’. Lots of journalling, but acutely aware of ‘not fitting’ the mould of  church family but faithfully serving in whatever way God led. Gratitude always for the Aglow Ministry and family where God’s Comfort and Peace was always found in our gatherings.

One note I made. “very aware that within Africa there are signs of early shoots of remnant God People rising.”

Dave and I completed four years of Education for Ministry – a bible study with a deeply theological emphasis.

We graduated but although congratulated never encouraged to speak, lead or encourage others outside the perimeters of clear ‘priestly’ guidelines.(within the church structure).

Not with-standing this, within the communities around we were still people of God, and Jesus led in different ways.


Barack Obama elected as first USA President of African descent. (Swirling unease in many places about his Christian ? Islamic allegiances.) Some of the e-mails I personally saw in 09 were ? politically, ? racially ? spiritually very bizarre.

       I had no real opinion and simply gentle unease, butwanted this man left to God for His world destiny and not formed by media push or negativity.   He had a place in unfolding events.

Australia again mourns. Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria. Deaths, heartache and destruction. Spiritually roused not just in prayer but reminded always of green, verdant shoots and the Hope that always arises in the HOPE of new life. Hope of the remnant Church and God’s Promises also.

North Korea tests an atomic bomb. Unease and dire predictions in the west and considerable fear and uncertainty in South Korea.

2010 January

Earthquake in Haiti kills 316,000 people. (how many people even noticed in western isolation?)


Volcanic eruption in Iceland gained everyone’s attention. Ash drifted over all of Europe. Suddenly, the vulnerability of airfields and the world’s fragility, becomes the focus of media discussion.

JULY. 1700 Killed in Pakistan floods.

JULY/AUGUST… Heatwave and fires in Russia.56,000 killed. (more people are dying in this decade than in both world wars, but few are noticing).


20 Million people in China affected by drought and dust storms. No accurate calculation of how many died. (It was in 2010 I first had the terrifying vision of a Christchurch earthquake. First at home and later repeated as I stood on the cliffs gazing at the Sea on Guernsey Island. This vision had an impact on me because I recognised the place and the structure of the cathedral and the beautiful square.)

2010 December – January 2011

I Spiritually journalled in late 2010 about hearing a roar like a steam train and the swamping of incredible rain. When the events of the floods began to unfold in 2011’s massive historic flood. I cried out in absolute despair ….what can I, as an old lady do?

His answer came. The story of the BUTTERFLIES is ALL about God. Nothing was outside of His Will and Purpose and forever I will be grateful for His Strength and Enabling which gave me somehow Divine enabling to go and hug, and love and be in many places.

Thank God for the people of God, who even without ‘understanding’ the seemingly foolishness nature of this pouring out of Divine Love, KNEW it was of God. They supported and responded accordingly. It was an example of where the least-likely and the simple superseded the wisdom and thinking of the wise. Forever, in my heart remains thankfulness to the Lord and memories of smiles and Hope in the midst of the seemingly hopeless. Praise God!

2011 February

Cyclone Yasi (category 5) destroys much of north Qld. Infrastructure. Major and life-changing state-wide flood.

Across the country in Perth ……shared grieving 59 homes are destroyed by severe bushfire.

22nd February – Earthquake destroys much of Christchurch in New Zealand. (181) killed. (Prayerfully and spiritually this was overwhelming). (I was in St. George speaking hopefully words of comfort and ‘new life’ to a group of farmers and folk in the local hotel.

They were in severe shock over tragic stock losses and personal tragedies etc.) We were all shaken by the images on the TV. ( Prayer for Christchurch and the people came into our hearts – even the non-believers. Cries of Hope and New Life for us ALL resounded.) Many held up butterflies I had given them.

11th March 2011

8.9 Earthquake followed by an 8m tsunami hits Japan. Complete destruction and nuclear reactors in Meltdown at Fukushima. Fears of a nuclear radiation threat to surrounding people. The tsunami wave reached the coast of California. Number of lives lost never recorded.

A Christian Japanese Pastor appealed to an Australian who had been prayerfully with me during the 2011 flood journey.  ‘What can I do?

            20,000 butterflies were sent from Australia to this Pastor. (believe many were waterproof). He simply scattered them over miles and miles of devastation. His prayer was simply that they were the symbol of the only HOPE for them all  in CHRIST ….new shoots – new beginnings. A-MEN!

APRIL 2011….155 tornadoes in 14 US States in 52 hours and 20minutes. A remnant of God’s People spoke to media.

    ‘In Christ Alone we STAND.’


BIN LADEN announced as ‘deceased”.

MAY 23

146 people die in Joplin Missouri. TORNADO.


More volcanic ash spreads around the world from CHILE earthquake. Disruptions to flights in Australia and New Zealand.

June 14

Another violent 6.3 quake hits Christchurch – more destruction………..Questions?

Rebuild? Stand?

Powerful remnant people gather for prayer.

June 22.

          67 different fire fronts blazing across US. (Memories of most people confirm this is ‘unusual’)

23 June.

6.7 Japanese earthquake....... their 75th earthquake since 11 March 2011


    Floods, fires, volcanic eruptions were regular occurances in 2012 too numerous to make news coverage in many cases.

Further extensive heavy rain and flooding occurred in Qld. NSW and Vict. In 2012. Spiritually a time of intercession but no revelatory events.


Qld again experiences power outages and disruptions to telephone service as ex-cyclone Oswald brought heavy rains to state.

11 Feb.

        World woke up to the news that an Asteroid was flying close to earth. This was watched anxiously by scientists.

‘One day a big one could hit’ one proclaimed quite matter-of-fact.

13 March.

Pope Francis 1 (unexpected election). Catholic Church is believing for new Hope in renewal.

22 March 2013

New Archbishop of Canterbury is appointed. Justin Welbey. (not much comment re this).

22 July Prince George is born to Will and Kate 3rd in line to British throne. In my journal I noted. New beginnings but so much dead from the past.World reacted favourable to this news. 

Australia turmoil in political unrest.  Changing PM ‘s caused comment in many places around the world.  I simply recorded here…….7th September Tony Abbot PM of Australia now. (My note .....could this bring stability? Only if God is allowed to be Lord). 


His Promises are eternal. His Kingdom will come! His Will, will be done.