A huge Aglow International Conference but not simply that for me. This for me was one of the most significant spiritual events of my life. I had been told many years previously by an Aglow Advisor that he believed I had been called of God and given a Deborah anointing. Deborah in the Bible is both Prophet and judge of spiritual issues to nations. Deborah the name means ‘bee’. Spencer told me one day the bees would gather. “You will know. You will be called. God will provide.’

2013 Prophetically … The words were proclaimed…..

Bees will gather from around the world.

(This was in pre-conference advertising)….. In Orlando.

       So much happened there in Orlando, out of the spectrum of Conference and meetings.

       I met a man from Washington State as part of an intercessory team It was at an early morning prayer meeting. We discovered we both had been given the same Vision of the Forest prior to 9/11. We were able to share on a deeper spiritual level about the remnant of God’s People and what had to happen for it to come about. So much! So much! (how wonderful it was to be able to express both sorrow, pain, and the burden of what had been revealed in our lives).

              Thank God for the provision to attend and the privilege of being part of the whole. For all the miraculous and unusual interactions and God experiences including what occurred on the plane trip home. God only knows the why, the who and the purposes. In His Keeping!

             Grateful thanks to God for being part of Aglow. Grateful thanks to Kerry-Ellen for her special understanding of my Calling to attend. It was more, deeply and life-changingly more, than ‘going to a Conference’.

8th November 2013

      10,000 die as Typhoon Haiyan wiped out Tacloban City in the Philippines. Our prayers and hearts joined and linked with our sisters and brothers in Philippines.

   2014 What an incredible year in God! What a year of both the ‘highs’ of His Presence and personally the Valley experiences where it was and is a matter of ‘Trusting Him’ in and through it ALL.

            I had a serious fall (faceplant) on a concrete path. (folk at x-rays amazed that no bones, or facial fractures had occurred….cracked bridge of nose had apparently healed fine without assistance).

                 Other health issues appeared. It was like a roller coaster where every God Event of significance was followed by a valley (where God was real but life for me was held in limbo. The collapse, time in hospital and then at year’s end major surgery all somehow have fitted in their place in this years events.


           This year witnessed the greatest rise in ‘anti-Christ’ like never before in history. Combined forces of deception appeared to join.

                Humanism, homosexuality, atheism, This push infiltrated schools, governments, work places and even many church thinking where political-correctness blinded to purity of TRUTH. Churches closed, mosques rose, schools were swamped by anti-God education and Christian ministries to children struggled.

                What began happening in the natural was both scary and persistent. Airline disasters, disappearances and deliberate rocket launching tragedy. Innocent passengers killed.

Rebel sunni (Moslems) rose as ISIS (ISIL) and advanced on Baghdad. Thousands of innocents were slaughtered. Bishop of Baghdad cried in a media interview ‘20,000 people died in one day yet so much of the world seems to be ‘going on as usual’. Don’t they know that my church is no more? ‘All the believers, men, women and little children have been butchered.

                                                         O God where are the green shoots?

(Then, on 26th December 2014, I received an email with a picture – a remnant of Syrian refugees in a primitive camp on the Israeli border made a ‘nativity’ out of scraps of materials and bits of wood and bark.

All our Hope comes from the birth of this child. Happy Christmas!’ proclaimed the Bishop of Baghdad who was squatted in the dirt with the struggling and dying - in the dust and sand.)

The obvious focus on Israel during months of fighting and strife this year brought a new Vision for many believers. For the first time many realized that what effects Israel affects us as well. We are ‘grafted’ in Christ.


            This again was an Aglow Conference but had a profound and personal impact on my life. (far beyond simply a conference). On the beach as I sat and prayed, I saw (Vision) the sea rise in a mighty wall of water. This horizon to horizon tsunami wave crested and there were green shoot like boughs on the curl of the swell? olive leaves like in a later revelation…..? or indicative of shoots of new beginnings for ‘least likely?’ This mighty wave of God’s Spirit fulfilled what I saw more than 20 years previously in my washing machine. This wave was to spread to all the dead internal places of Australia’s heart and bring nurture and Hope to the tiny ‘shoots’ who do not yet know their significance.

The word VANUATU was spoken on the wind with the Vision and Certainty that ALL the islands of the South Pacific ‘least-likely’ and perhaps unimportant in world perspective. were in God’s Eyes vital in God’s Kingdom Purposes. Who in all the world really knows ME. Who really KNOWS how to worship? VANUATU

The Calling of God for me to go to Vanuatu was again deeply personal. It was like a great internal pulling to fulfil a purpose. More than I can ever express and things deep in God occurred – life-changing yet beyond that spiritually completing a cycle of God in my life journey.


             From out of the depths of my heart and soul came during this year the powerful Rallying Cry that God placed within me.

              Church Wake up! Really SEE what is occurring. DO YOU REALLY LOVE ME?

         I felt then it was an urgent appeal for a united response for love and commitment.

             Many, many more trees are still to fall. Much heartache lies ahead for the world. Yet the sure and certain Hope we all have in Christ is our upward Vision and Promise.

         Kerry-Ellen’s Vision of the night sky is the ultimate tapestry piece to the Big Picture. Where will all the green and verdant shoots come from? Certainly not from a luke-warm church or a compromising church or a church of divided loyalties but from the remnant passionate People of God wherever in this world they stand. All the broken, displaced, marginalized, misunderstood, overlooked. Everyone who proclaims the Lordship of Christ the Messiah and even with tears streaming down their faces cry out

MARANATHA. Come Lord Jesus Come!


My heart yearns for a quiet year, a year of calm and REST in Christ BUT……….The shaking continues…

          This was the heard cry that prompted this whole going back to the beginning.

To Him be the Glory for ever and ever …..A-men.