BRIDGING THE YEARS - 2015-2019.  

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The Bridging Years ………..15,16,17,18

         Unrest, strife, on many and various fronts. Shredding gradually occurred of things valuable and Holy. Societies round the earth ‘shifted’. New words like ‘homophobic’, and ‘Islamophobic’ labels were flung at anyone who disagreed with the power changes and battles for ‘rights’ in the streets. Love and tolerance were screamed to attempt to drown out the voice of TRUTH and DIVINE LOVE and sacrifice of ‘self’. Christians were disrespected and ‘defiled’ openly, and comedians target them more than ever before in human history. Pastors even in our country Australia, were imprisoned for preaching a biblical sermon on the…… I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. No one comes to the Father except through ME

A beloved tennis star and Christian Pastor was called vicious names. Because she spoke of the sanctity of marriage between a woman and a man before God, efforts were made to strip away her legacy of tennis courts and influence on the younger generation.

            Earthquakes, floods, fires, famine, drought, and civil unrest increased. Even old people, pregnant women and the crippled became targets. Societal disfunctions heralded massive outpourings of band-aid solutions and many made and make money in these endeavours. The root cause called SIN or DECEPTION is not allowed to be discussed.

           God is declared Dead. Science and academia are LORD!. David and I had our own personal battles with health issues and it was often in our valley places we found the opportunity to sow HOPE in Radium Clinic, Hospitals,etc.

           I did little journaling during these years and Intercessory Prayer became more like just prayer. A daughter and a Father kind of communication.

             (Truthfully, I was a little frightened of images and visions I might experience if I desired to journey ‘higher’.)

               Technology increased out of control almost, and horror was everywhere. Children revelled in games about ‘killing. Society at large and the young began feeding on ‘horror’. Even children’s lego became marketed in frightening and horror filled scenarios.

              Churches and Institutions shook violently and sins past and stuff long buried was brought to the surface. This unfortunately led to a ‘witch’ hunt’ mentality and anyone , church, sport or in anyway famous or known, was attacked and many are still trying to prove innocence of supposed things from generations past.

                 Only God ultimately will be the Divine Judge of ALL THINGS. Sins in churches rebounded and it became…..All religious people are ‘hiding’ under their label of ‘faith’.

              DONALD TRUMP became US. PRESIDENT. Hateful media hype swamped the airwaves. Is he ‘buffoon’ ‘ass’ ‘idiot’ or is this President the one used of God to move America out of the mire of moral decay and give them a Hope of National pride again?

         In one year, he has overturned the ‘abortion on demand laws’ ‘stopped the massive inroads into the education system which was influencing the lives of millions of children. He defined the policy on trying to end ‘OPEN DOORS’ so ALL could not just ‘come in’. He moved the US EMB ASSY TO Jerusalem. (Is he the one reviled being used by God in our times?).

              Good things happened in these years. I thank God for the rich times with family and the joy of fellowship with grandchildren. Also the loving and loved family of Aglow both in Gympie and in the West. They were years of Grace for all who LOVE HIM….but shaking was violent and continues into 2019.

            Even as I close this section on website 16th March, 2019. Horrifying images of deaths in Christchurch. Deliberate and targeted attacks with rapid fire weapons etc on innocent people of Islamic faith in mosques for Friday prayers. Violence now is rising from the so-called far right of society. ?????? DECEPTION on all fronts. Who is the source???????