But......thank God I spiriturally saw the HOPE of rising unity of the Bride of Christ.   One day, one day ....His Kingdom WILL come.   a-men

Many shoots - one growing tenaciouly

                The back wall peeled open during a time of worship. Again, I saw, and was in the clearing where once all the mighty trees had been.

In the clearing all the area was barren and now in the distance shaking, violence and more trees falling could be heard.

        But I could see tiny budding of Christ's Hope bursting through the ground.

     These were indicative I believe of Kingdom Ministries all directing people in unity towards the goal of transformation and regeneration in the image of the Saviour.

    These tiny little shoots breaking through the ground showed one clearly pointing to heaven. This was GROWING. It moved upwards. I sensed the Spirit speak. ‘This is Aglow. The roots are fertilized with the blood of the Lamb and droplets of ongoing holiness sprinkle on the shoot as the people continue to repent and long to be reformed in the image of their SAVIOUR. God the Holy Spirit hovers above and only He must guide and lead onwards. All individual leaders are facilitators only. All surrounding support people as one must perform their functions as unto their Lord. Spiritual LEADERS must lead spiritually their places, their nations, their places of Calling but only as ONE, forever with God the Holy Spirit as the only Voice directing the way forward.

All finances all human ideas of business models or plans must be surrendered to ME. One shoot, one way forward. One way UPWARD. Not even one head Nation or following nations. Now ONE way forward for ALL PEOPLE. One vital shoot ……..ONE DIRECTION.

All other ministries, people will be eventually flow into the ONE SHOOT.

Each nation, flowing one Holy Bride, Men, women, children, every nations but all must be covered by the BLOOD of the  LAMB.  

  (Oh God, what I saw 21st Feb. 2019 has ignited again my life) One day a holy bride will be ready and Christ will come with a trumpet sound and say……..’MY BELOVED COME!’

The green shoot of vibrant HOPE is living, It is growing. Oh Lord, I’m overwhelmed.

Aglow God's example of unity world-wide.      All other shoots unified blood bought, Holy will also grow.  Praise God!

Can now all the marginilised. overlooked and often overshadowed be able to thrive.In Christ ALONE the future is VIBRANT.

Saved by the sacrificial Blood of the LAMB. CHRIST IS RISEN LORD.