April 11 -2019.

      I was very disturbed last night when a media discussion panel was on the Topic of Religion, Faith, Churches and the way forward to ensure harmony. The panel was called CHRISTIANS LIKE US. The discussion remained ‘interesting’ but it became increasingly obvious that folks discussing this had absolutely no idea about certain ‘differences’ which they happily lumped in ONE BASKET.I do not believe the person conducting the panel had any understanding of FAITH at all. She had a wide academic understanding of churches, mosques, beautiful panels and work done by churches etc. She also expressed admiration for the world now she believes has become loving and more inclusive to mankind.

      Looking at the discussion from a purely humanistic perspective of love, kindness, inclusiveness and the perhaps of a God who was benevolent and kindly. (kind of like an old man in the ‘out there somewhere’.) It was,, acceptable, but seeing it from the perspective of someone whose life experiences now can testify to a PERSONAL GOD who is ALIVE and interacts with those who believe even in this secular 2019 world, the ignorance was alarming particularly from supposed Christian believers on the panel.

           The deception of thinking was extremely obvious. For example no one tried to explain that there is only ONE CHRISTIAN RELIGION. (although personally I refuse to believe that a PERSONAL GOD with whom you can have a personal relationship constitutes A RELIGION in any way lumped in with folk who call themselves Christian but many have no concept of ‘following Christ’ as their Lord, Saviour, revealed through the WORD (BIBLE) WHO IS the WORD.

          You are supposed to answer the question….What is your religion with the clear definition like……I am a Baptist, I am a Catholic, I am a………………….. Then others like I am a Hindu, I am a Mormon, I am a Muslim. In the proclamations it was as if we were all ‘spiritual people’ and the effort was to see each other through the eyes of LOVE and know that we were the SAME. Same in Humanity yes, same in goals for life and living, the same in belonging to one country (Living by one set of laws ??????). When it came to ‘faith’ They all had faith in God. And The particular church, mosque , denomination or people group[ they belonged to.

        No one brought forth the Christian Truth of my personal life……I am a ‘born again’ follower of Jesus Christ who I passionately believe died a sacrificial death on the Cross (to fulfil the old Covenant and become the NEW COVENANT.) ALL THE WORLD is welcome…..

                                               COME TO ME

            He is still saying. Come to the CROSS ….confess all your broken-ness and pain. Be Born again and live a life of FULLNESS OF GRACE and PEACE. Lay it all down, then ‘pick up the Cross of your own personal life’s experiences and needs and FOLLOW ME. I will be with YOU and IN you until the end of time.

             This Earth is NOT the final home of those who FOLLOW CHRIST. We are simply passing through. How can the Christian Church have so many people who think their faith is based on ‘works’ and ‘efforts’?   The ones who  have lost the truth that Jesus Christ lived and died to SAVE SOULS.

        At THE CROSS is the ANSWER TO HUMAN need. Being a Baptist, Anglican Catholic or ????????. will not save you. Only the Shed Blood of the Lamb of God.



My Lord has risen from the death. HE IS LORD!