There is a pathway in life.........Not forced. I HAVE CHOSEN TO FOLLOW

A Pier an image only.



 Sometimes you can feel in life like you are on this pier.

  What has gone before with memories of past family, friends and the experiences which brought BLESSINGS, HOPE and LOVE can bring a touch of nostalgia. The past must be surrendered to the PAST, yet, on this pier in the spirit there is still a LONGING. It's as if you can sense that there was an EDEN.

     Yet in your heart and spirit there is such a yearning for the HEAVEN which faith in Christ and His Atoning Death at Calvary is Drawing you.

        The Pier is both, longing, sadness and an indescribable yearning for ‘something’ beyond the horizon.

Have you ever been here?

Psm 42. V:1 and 2

As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God. My Soul thirsts for God the living God. When shall I come and appear before Him?


     It seems on the pier of longing the answer is




    The Psalmist yearned for it. Perhaps we too have this insatiable longing as well.


             BUT. Our Life must be the ABUNDANT LIFE God purchased for us.

            May we live it always in the FULLNESS HE intends and always look;


                        FORWARD with confidence



                                                                                           with HOPE.


            His PRESENCE is ever with us. a-men and THANKS BE TO GOD.