ONE SACRED LAMB OF GOD

   ONE S A V I O U R


                 For all humanity. All ‘souls’ with eternal destines. It’s not about sex, or culture or traditions, opinions or anything of this reality at all.

                  This is about ONE ALMIGHTY GOD – OF ABSOLUTE HOLINESS Who could ever face this????

                  Only those ‘redeemed’ ‘saved’ washed and covered by the blood of the sacrificial LAMB.

                  WHY A LAMB?

                  The Nation of Israel was given the full blueprint and plan by God Himself. Failure and sinful carnality caused them to forever be ‘less’ than His Holiness required. They TRIED, THEY TRIED. Millions of sacrifices. Millions of lambs….Sin offerings and Peace offerings…beating of chests and then THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (engraved on stone).

                   Yet, NO ONE could keep the LAW. They tried, more sacrifices, more bloodshed, more beating of chests and repentance! LOTS AND LOTS OF ‘D O I N G’.

                Lots and lots of desperate striving and struggle to be HOLY enough. Thousands of years of DOING and LAW.

                The prophets were given the Word from God Himself. ONE DAY! One day! There will be a ‘better way’ Israel will be saved.

                Then, the pages of history continued to turn, and a wild man came out of the wilderness. John the Baptist came to the Jordan River.


             He looked up and saw Christ and cried. BEHOLD THE LAMB OF GOD WHO TAKES AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD.

              ALL HUMANITY! Not one culture or people group, every tribe tongue and diverse thoughts, ideologies, and traditions and ways of doing things. All sins! Past now and FOREVER. Eternal destiny of souls.

          ONE SACRIFICE…….

          ONE CROSS…..

          ONE PURPOSE.

         Now, no more LAW. No, more need for STRIVING.


         Saved now by GRACE so no culture or person could boast about their unique righteousness. With His own Blood the Saviour carved out......

                                              A NEW COVENANT.

          He said…..I came not to dispense with the OLD LAW but to FULFILL IT.

                                                     I AM!     

                     In Him ALL THINGS are fulfilled. His sacrifice has done it ALL.

                      Follow ME

LIVE IN ME and I in YOU!

                    Love ME. Love all around you. Love the people around you SO MUCH you point them TO THE WAY.

     All must SURRENDER to the Holy ONE. Die to all of humanities pulls and pressures.

        You must be ‘BORN AGAIN’ into the Kingdom Life of the greatest FULLNESS.

        2019 God will shake the heavenlies and shake the earth. He wants SALVATION for ALL.

         Israel rejected their Messiah but will, in spite of stubbornness and passionately still clinging to the OLD COVENANT, at the end of time as we know it, ISRAEL WILL BE SAVED!

        (Even if it takes blood-shed, warfare and carnage…….Israel will come to REPENTANCE. Israel will be SAVED).

         Storms of unbelief ravage our world. Violence, Anger and mayhem are on our streets. Hostility for Israel is mounting.

         But GOD, revealed in Christ, and now ‘LIVING’ as God the Holy Spirit IN accepting believers, constantly points to the SAVIOUR and affirms out faith in the God of Trinity….ONE HOLY AND LOVING GOD. THE GREAT I AM!

              He still gives as living water, overflowing streams of His Presence and His Life. He is the BREAD of life, and gives sustenance in ABUNDANCE OF LIVING.

              SUCH are His Grace and His Love………… never ending.

             He came to earth to SAVE THE SOULS and change mortality to be prepared for immortality.

               All souls from eternity past and eternity….FOREVER and EVER ‘surrendered to HIM’, will be SAVED.

               Millions and millions will soar with Him in the LIGHT of ETERNITY AND HOLINESS.

                                            I AM………..THE WAY.

                                              FOLLOW ME!