Is the 2020 PANDEMIC - Allowing God to teach you new 'stuff' and changing you?

I was looking for a different image but this one is so beautiful I could not bypass it.

Acceptance and Love - God's Way

    I went on line looking for a reference to acceptance and love. What I discovered has certainly given me food for thought.   It is being bandied around in a purely secular sense as being 'twin' words.    This gives the opinion that if you LOVE you will ACCEPT.      That in purely human terms,  is right.  I love people all people.  I love them because they are fellow human beings on this path of LIFE.  I accept their humanity but I do not fall out of love for the person if I believe their life style or behaviour is contrary of what is moral or acceptable according to my belief in the Truth of God's Word.

        It is wrong to say that LOVE and ACCEPTANCE are true twins.

        Acceptance and Love are certainly God's Way.  Everyone can come to accept the atoning Love of Christ at the Cross......but..

          It is important that every traveller on this journey of life comes to the realization that he/she is a sinner.   We have a human sin nature.  Of myself I could never be 'good enough' to enter a Holy Kingdom.   I need a SAVIOUR.

          When the Saviour came to be a bridge between our humanity and His Perfect Kingdom...... DIVINE LOVE and my ACCEPTANCE of Him and His Sacrifice on my behalf,  means......I accept Him.......He accepts me.........sin, imperfections, lifestyle immoral or otherwise.....Acceptance and Love in A Godly concept are indeed TWINS.

            Held in the balance of this  is CHANGE.   God will change me to be more and more like Him.   If I let His Spirit free to do this work in me.   This change is not about the physical - it is about my/our whole package.

             I must be 'born again' into a new dimension of existence.   A bit like a butterfly.....a coocoon for only a season but before that a caterpiller.  The caterpiller had to learn his caterpiller existence before being re-born as a butterfly.

              Unlike us there would have been  no knowledge of his coocoon confinement. 

               What quick work is Christ doing on you during the Corona Viris lock down?. 

                Could it be He is working on all of us to refine, retrain and recreate so when the time comes to re emerge we will be ready to soar heavenwards....just like a butterfly?

                 Learn well dear Ones.   Let no limitations stop our spirits from soaring and our minds from learning.                  

          God's Message of Divine Love is higher in Calling.   Divine Love and Acceptance has a triplet action that is life long.    This is CHANGE....being changed into the image of God.... This has nothing to do with how we feel about our rights or our desired behaviour here on earth.   This is about the change which is preparing us for eternity.   GOD'S WAY of LOVE and Acceptance. 

                 Jesue Is LORD!     One day His Kingdom will COME!   Will we be ready?

Destined to soar upwards. This is the message of DIVINE LOVE/ ACCEPTANCE AND CHANGE for all humanity.