2021 New Hope Forest REGENERATION

        The forest where I walked for many years with various dogs had been harvested and the devastion though  timber was a necessity,  was desolate and only pictures reminded me of  walking there over thirty years,   

          2020 Covid year and so much heartache world-wide impacted me as I walked the now barren and different forest pathways. 

          2021 Today I  walked with our small terrior and new re-growth had begun to thrive.    

            In the sky the brief remainder of a rainbow after rain, sung in my heart of A PROMISE.   

               One day,, walking again through shaded leafy pathways.....maybe in my life and in the life of this little dog once more a well-remembered forest walk.   


Char-lee likes her walk and never minds the deslate appearance.  She still sees Kangaroos and enjoys the freedom of the open road,